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Directory Enquiries Services – What Are The Benefits You're Not Considering?

Directory enquiry services are very useful, there are times in all our lives when we need to track down a phone number of an individual or company and we have no other way of contacting them.

Calling directory enquiries is a fast, efficient way of finding the phone number you need with the minimum of fuss. There is a problem that many people face when they need to call directory enquiries. The number of directory enquiry services can feel overwhelming. There are more than 400 directory enquiries services available in the UK and deciding which one is right for you can be a difficult choice. Each service has their own unique benefits and pricing structure and sometimes it isn't easy to work out which is the most suitable option.

Are all directory enquiry services the same?

There are differences among the services offered by the different companies. The basic service is the same for all of them:

  • You call directory enquiries
  • You ask for the phone number you need
  • You receive the information

While the basic service may be the same, but there are variations in the way your query is answered. Some services are entirely automated. These rely on speech recognition technology to understand your query and relay the phone number you have requested. Other services have a real person on the end of the telephone line. These services typically cost more to run, and have higher call charges, but the benefit of being able to interact with a real person may make the extra costs worthwhile.

Some directory enquiries services provide a connection service. Instead of just giving you the telephone number you request they are able to connect you straight through to the requested phone number. This is a very convenient extra service and can save you a lot of time if you have many numbers to call. There is usually an extra charge for this service but especially in a business environment this could be a good use of resources if it cuts the time needed to connect with your potential customers or suppliers.

Other directory enquiry services will offer to send the phone number to your mobile phone in an SMS text message. This is a great way of ensuring you have a permanent record of the number and it avoids the need for you to hunt around looking for a pen and paper. It also removes the risk of you copying down the number incorrectly and having to call again.

In the end the directory enquiries service you opt for will be a personal choice. Whatever you decide it is important that you are familiar with the different services available and think about which one of them most closely matches your needs. If you have other questions, contact a company such as KC Contact Centres to learn more.